Bathroom Heater Systems

If you live in an area that experiences winter months, you know how hard it can be to step out of a warm shower onto an icy floor. You may also be familiar with the feeling that comes with sitting on a freezing lavatory. It doesn’t have to be that way. A few bathroom heaters in the right places can make your floors warm so that you don’t have to freeze every time you step on your bathroom floor or sit on your loo. There are different kinds of bathroom systems that you can invest in. The range from the cheap to the luxurious and the choice is entirely dependent on the size of bathroom you have and how much you are willing to spend. Here are some heaters for bathrooms that you can select from. You can read more here!

1. Portable heaters

Portable heaters tend to be the cheapest in the market. They are suitable for people who are renting and who don’t want to invest in house remodels for a property that they don’t own. They are also a good option for those who want to limit their heater use to winters only. They come in two types. The first is connected to the electricity grid by a plug in the wall. The other is powered by battery which makes it an excellent option for when there are power blackouts. Portable heaters are made to be free standing which makes them a fire hazard. If you settle on this kind of heater, make sure that it comes with a switch that automatically shuts the heater off in case it overheats or tips over.

2. Heater Fan combos

As the name suggests, these kinds of bathroom heating ceiling systems are designed with a fan that spreads the warm air around the bathroom. This helps to get rid of steamy mirrors and bathroom windows. They are a good option for those who have not invested in mirror heaters.

3. Floor heaters

These heaters are one of the best options to get rid of cold bathroom floors. These are installed under the floor and they can come in the form of mesh mats and heat mat systems. They consume very little electricity, as little as the amount that is consumed by a 100 watt bulb. Because they are installed under tiles, they will take a bit longer to install. That said, they are well worth it when you consider that you never have to endure cold toes ever again. A good time to install them would be during a remodel.

4. Wall mounted heaters

These are also an excellent way to heat your bathroom. They look like flat screen TV’s and mounting them is very easy. They are also considered the safest heaters in the market – because they are mounted on the wall, there is no chance that a malfunction would affect you. They are very energy efficient and are the best for small bathrooms. If you want to install them in a large bathroom, you may have to buy 2 or 3 of them depending on how cold your bathroom gets.

5. Ceiling mounted heaters

These are excellent heaters for warming the entire bathroom area from the bathtub to the shower and the lavatory. They are a permanent installation which makes them not a good option for those who are renting. If you don’t like clutter on your bathroom floor, these heaters are appropriate for you. They are also very safe – any electric shocks they may produce are absorbed by the wall.

These are the most common baptistry water heater systems available today. If you don’t have a lot of money to spend, you may want to consider choosing between portable heaters and wall mounted heaters as they are the cheapest.

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